Cellist, artist and composer


Francesca Formisano (b. 1991) is a Italian-Bulgarian remarkable cellist, artist and composer that connects music, art  and performance in her works and ideas. She extends her classical musical training, knowledge of her history and her origins, perception of art into different new ways of expression. 

Also her artistic research pushed her to travel to the most remote and incredible places of the world which brought to the fusion of her music with the performing arts pushing them to the extreme of genres.

With a liberating openness to sounds, genre, the cello and the use of electronics and voice Francesca’s works unfold in the tension between tradition, origins and renewal, expertise and intuition, the score and the improvised in a search for where musical expression, art, society and we ourselves are headed as beings and creators.

My Music

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StarCello is a project by Angelo Bonello for Francesca Formisano. Consist on virtuous cello performing suspended at a height of 40 meters. The premiere of the project was in January, 01, 2020 for Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia. Francesca performed an unpublished arrangement of one of Shostakovich's most important works.


Monumental is a project that celebrates through music the most important monuments in the world. Francesca's original compositions are inspired by the country, culture and people of the monument chosen in the video.

Classical Trasfiguration

Classic Transfigurations is a project that starts from the desire to move away from traditions without ignoring them, presenting a new image, subjected at the mutation and innovation of the concept. The use of new techniques subjected to classical structures evoke completely atypical sounds full of classical identity but totally applied at the sound evolution of the performance

Duets and Solos

Collaboration has always been at the heart of making music, and more so than ever in recent times it’s a necessity. The pandemic has forced us to find new formulas to perform. Now, organizing a streaming show is the only way that we have the opportunity to express our art, but also to allow people to quench their thirst at the source of this art and beauty.

Stop - Play Art

The project was realized from Francesca Formisano and Angelo Bonello in 2020 during the pandemic of the Coronavirus to keep up the courage, the spirit and move forward creating art. More than 150 musicians, dancers and performers played, danced or made their art together in a video-mosaic.


Pillow Concerts is the original name of a special concert format geared towards parents and their children. Through music, children develop listening skills, concentration, creativity, intuition, perseverance, self-confidence, and sensitivity towards others – skills and attitudes which support learning in other subject areas and are essential in life. One of the greatest advantages of the Pillow Concerts is the live music and contact with the musician and their instrument. Francesca started this project (for the first time in Italy) in 2019 where after winning a competition in the Lazio region she made her performance in one of the most remote museums in the capital of Rome.